Audio Folder Location


First sorry if that topic already exists somewhere on this forum

I have a very annoying problem (or it is a very stupid change after update) when I set up a new project. I didin’t notice if it happens since the last update of C7.5 which i did some time ago.

When I set up a new project cubase does not create the “audio” folder in the same location as I select for the project. Instead it has a common location in; system disk/username/music/cubase projects/ where it saves all audio folders for other projects calling them ; untitled 1, untitled 2 … and so on, with only the mentioned audio folders inside.

It’s very uncomfortable and annoying, there seem to be no option to change that procedure and revert back to automatically saving the audio folders in the location specified by me. I didn’t try to move those audio folder to my project folder, but i assume it would overwrite any new files added into the project.

Any clue how to change that??? I use it on MAC btw

Thanks in advance


You want only one song in a folder right?

Cubase makes an audio folder wherever you save your song at, or uses the existing one if one is there.

Thanks for the effort :slight_smile: I know how it should be, and that is how it used to but for some reason isn’t anymore in my case (I work on cubase for over 10 years now). I create a new project (from a template) i select the location, all is saved nicely etc, etc … only … the audio folder is not there!
It is saved in some system specified location, for every single project. I already have over 40 “untitled” folders with only the audio folders for every project i create, and i dug all the settings and cannot see any option to change it back.

Hope someone had and solved that problem successfuly :slight_smile:


Can you post a screen shot of the Project assistant or Hub? (such as)

I’d bet that you somehow recently started to create new projects from a different template that was set to save the audio folder to the central location. Try making a new template and see if that gets things “back to normal”.

Regards :sunglasses:

Yes, I’d reckon this is where the answer lies. You probably have the ‘Use default location’ option selected instead of ‘Prompt for project location’.