Audio folder not being created PLEASE HELP!!!

Hi all,
Cubase 8.5.20 here
In the past when creating a new track/song/project, an audio folder was automatically created on the selected drive/partition where the project new was being made and the audio was automatically recorded in there. Every project had its own audio folder and audio tracks relating to that project.

This is not happening for me. I use a seperate drive for all my projects away from the system drive as well as a different drive again for my samples etc. For some reason, the audio path is defaulted to c:/Users/…/Cubase Projects/untitled/Audio…
I don’t understand why this is happening. I have checked and realized it created one audio folder when i put in my new drive and continues to put every scrap of audio in there which is filling up my c: drive quickly and all my audio files are mixed up from all projects in this one folder…

If anyone knows how I can get it to default back to creating a new audio folder in to a new project I would be so grateful.

Thanks in advance

Open the hub or project assistant from the file menu and change use default location to prompt for project location

Thanks for your speedy reply, really appreciate it.

I tried that and wants to default into the current system drive folder which is what it is currently doing. I want the default to create a new audio folder for each new project like it always used to do.

You tick prompt for project location, and when you create a new project you tell it the folder you want to use.

It works like it always has.

Many thanks.