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Hi All,
When I create a new song in CB11, the song folder automatically creates mixdown, audio and melodyne folders. When I drag and drop audio files into the arrange screen, sometimes CB copies them into the audio folder and sometimes not. Is there something I’m doing in the process that initiates this or is it a setting? Thanks!

It’ll copy what you first record.
To see everything the project contains, access the pool. The pool allows you to recall and delete audio files.

Hi Draghe,
I do access the pool and it usually is consistent with what’s in the audio folder.
When I drag and drop audio files into the arrange/project page, it’s usually from a folder I got from another computer. If I don’t also drag those files into the audio folder, the project can’t find them the next time I open the song because I will have deleted the original folder I dragged the audio files from. There have been times where it added those files into the audio folder by itself and I didn’t have to add them myself. I’m trying to find out how and why.

Hi. There’s a preference setting which controls what happens when you import audio. Look at Preference->Editing->Audio->OnImportAudioFiles.

With this set to OpenOptionsDialog the import settings below are greyed out and each time you import you’re shown a window which gives you the import settings. On this window, if you also click on DoNotAskAgain then the preference setting is changed to UseSettings and your selected settings are copied to your preferences for future use.

With this set to UseSettings the preference settings are used without asking, so no window is displayed.

To get the drag/drop file to import into the Audio folder you can a) use OpenOptionsDialog and always select CopyAllFilesToProjectFolder in the import window (which is what I do). Or b) you can set ‘UseSettings’ and set CopyAllFilesToProjectFolder, no window, always copies file.


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Thanks Mike! I’ll check that out next time I launch CB. Sounds like what I’m looking for.