audio following chord tracks problem

I’m playing with the chord track function on an audio track - great possibilities in this…:slight_smile:
I’ve set the audio track to follow the chord track and the pitch alters as expected.
But - if I turn “follow” off I would expect the pitches to go back to the original pitches but this doesn’t happen - the pitches stay altered and if I later want to change back to the original audio I have to undo all the other changes I’ve done later to other tracks. Unless I remembered to make a safety copy of the audio track first.
Is this the way it’s supposed to work or am I doing something wrong ?

nobody ??

I stopped using that feature because of that same issue. :frowning:

the same goes for miditracks… - they change and can’t be restored - even if the chord track is deleted.
i tried making chords from a miditrack but if I let that same track follow the chord track the midi track changes to something less interesting.
What a shame - this feature would be worth a million if it worked properly !

Please define “properly”. :wink:

(Ha! My first post)

The chord track should have a “non-destructive” effect on other tracks.

Yes, it would be nice if a new “chord lane” would be created automatically below the original track, instead of altering it directly. :bulb:

In this case: Properly = nondestructive… :wink:

I just posted this in the “Feature Requests” forum:

try sticking an ‘X’ chord [BLANK CHORD] at the end…

I tried but that didn’t make any difference…
Did you try ? - and did it make the chord track non-destructive ??