Audio from DAW - only

Hi everyone,
I have a very simple (and probably stupid) question for you. Everytime I connect an instrument to my interface MR816 I can hear its sound even before I open any daw…how can I make it not happen? I don’t want any unprocessed sounds coming from the interface, I just want to run everything through Logic. I’ve tried to fiddle with the MReditor but i’m a bit confused, can someone help me please? Thanks!!

Open the MR editor and MUTE the input channels. Now you can ONLY monitor through your DAW

Imagine your MR Console as a physical mixing board and it will make sense. Its like a mixer and your DAW return from the computer going into it then out to the speakers.

It works!! Thanks so much!!

Keep this in mind, when you need super low latency
Like when tracking live instruments you would use the mr console to do that