Audio from Groove Agent

I’m trying to take the audio from GA 4 multiple outs and send to separate audio tracks in C8.
Greg did this in a you tube video and I can’t seem to figure out how…the audio track in only list the mic inputs



Acoustic Agent: I believe you can go to the mixer, then you see a bunch of channel strips for each drum, with “Kit Mix” in green at the top of each strip. Click on that and you can assign to alternative output buses.

Beat Agent is similar, except that “Kit Mix” is in black on white. I guess this is a general pattern.

When you activate “Out 2”, you get a fader in the mixer view. Where you route it after that, I don’t know. I suppose you could send it thru an effects channel. There’s probably a better way.

So you already have the multiple outs as channels in the mixconsole?

You would have to route via groups or via phantom buses in vst connections if routing these channels on to audio track inputs is really what you’re trying to do