Audio from Mixer to Cubasis

I have audio coming into a mixer then out of the mixer (via USB) into Cubasis (which I’m running on an iPad Air2 with a lightning to USB converter). I can only record audio when I push play in cubasis and it activates an instrument that can be controlled via Midi. When I turn up an instrument that’s not connected via midi and push record in Cubasis I get nothing. Thoughts? Help? (The mixer is a Behringer 2442 Xenyx USB)

Hi Arwen,

Thanks for your message.
It might be possible that I misunderstood the topic here.

Is it correct you want to record audio through a mixer in Cubasis?
If so, please do the following:

  • Make sure the record button in the particular track(s) is activated
  • Assign the correct input of your hardware in use in the routing tab in the inspector of the corresponding audio track(s)

As an addition please have a look at one of our available tutorials that explain the audio routing options in Cubasis (Cubasis LE here) more in detail:

Please let me know if this helps to solve the issue.