Audio from video File problem

I’ve upgraded from 8.5 last night, using version 9.0.30.

  1. When I want to import video files, or audio from video files,

  2. Audio file is not imported properly. Video is ok. audio file has no imformation with 0m0s length.

  3. I figured out same video file works fine with version 8.5. The audio file is imported properly.

  4. So I had to open the project with 8.5 and imported, then close the 8.5 and open 9.

Is there anybody who has same problem?

PC windows 7 64bit, AMD 9350e quad-core, 8Gig-Ram

New video engine does not do extract audio from video in windows 7 yet. I think it’s supposed to arrive at some point, not sure.

Had the exact same problem…