Audio from Video trouble. Can't import.

I often get .mov files and, while I can play them and hear the audio on windows media player and VLC, I cannot import the audio into Nuendo or Cubase. This is a big PITA for me having to jump around to different tools. I try to import this file into Nuendo and just get video. Try “Import Audio From Video” and nothing happens. No error message, nothing. Export .WAV file from VLC and try to import into Nuendo and get an error of “Invalid File Type!” Tried “Replace Audio in Video” in Cubase 9 and got an error saying the video was open in another application and to try again (even though I rebooted). So what’s causing this? Below is a link to the video (please note video is silent at beginning, there is audio at the end):

Hi there,
I tried to import the audio with Nuendo 10 and Cubase 10 and did not work either. Must be an mp3 bitrate issue. But I converted the video with format factory and worked with Nuendo and cubase. I converted the audio with bigasoft audio converter and worked too. I have problems importing videos with AAC audio and had to convert them to work with Cubase or Nuendo, so I think its a incompatibility problem with certain audios.

Thank you for looking at it. Probably not this simple but…I’d be willing to pay some sort of licensing fee in order to not have to deal with external apps. Maybe bring back an optional package like NEK? JUST JOKING!!!

Why don’t you like NEK? It worked very nicely for me.

Worked well for me too. Was just a joke because there was such an uproar about getting rid of it and we finally did.