"Audio From"

Hi Cubase community, I would like to import an audio source into a bus like “Audio from” feature in Ableton Live, which allow me to print my audio signal to that auxiliary track. On Cubase, there are FX and group tracks that allow you to recover this signal, but not to print the audio directly on it. Do you have a solution ? Thanks for your help

You would need to create an audio track and choose a source for it and then record on that audio track.

Thanks for your answer. That my problem, I don’t know where to get my audio source. I can’t retrieve audio from my audio inputs in the inspector, so I don’t know where to look.

Sorry, I was probably a bit unclear.

In a regular audio track you should have a choice of input:

Those are the available inputs I have for that audio track in my case.

Please note that under the input tracks ‘header’ that reads “Stereo In” I have “Left” and “Right”, and that’s because the audio track I have chosen is mono, so I’m getting the choice of taking a signal from either side of that stereo input track. If my audio track was stereo the choices I would see in the inspector would be different.

So make sure you have chosen a channel count that corresponds to the source you want to record.

If you don’t see your source at all then try outputting your source to a group, and then choose the group as a source for your audio track you want to record onto.

I don’t see my entries for my other tracks. I tried the group but the only thing I have is this (see screenshot).

See if this helps:

How to Record Audio and MIDI from VST Instruments in Cubase | Q&A with Greg Ondo - YouTube

Yes it’s work. It’s a little more complicated than on your screenshot that you showed me but it helps out a lot. I will continue my research. thank you for your help