Audio function "Manual Adjust" question

Using Manual Adjust in the sample editor…
Say you have a clip or audio event in 3/4 time.
When you use manual adjust the first handle is the “set grid start” and then shouldn’t the next TWO handles be “set beat position” and then the next one a “stretch grid” or “set bar position” (depending on where your pointer is, i.e., top/bottom of the editor area)?
The way it is in my project (and I have tried several different ones) is that there is the first handle “set grid start” and then THREE “set beat position” handles and then the “set bar position” (on the bottom part of the editor).
In other words, even when I have told the sample editor that the signature is 3/4, it still behaves as if the signature is 4/4.
I have another project in 7/4 time and it it does the same thing. The ruler at the top correctly shows the bars and beats in the correct time signature but every fourth beat is a “set bar position” instead of every seventh beat.

In the end it does not really matter if I just want to line up the hits in the audio clip with the beats but it is strange…
Is there something I am not getting?



Sorry I can’t help you jaslan, but I hope there is a nice solution. I can see it getting messy and confusing if the “Manual Adjust” beats aren’t “labelled” the same as the project grid.

Did you try an AutoAdjust just to check whether Cubase displayed the same incorrect # lines (even if they are in the wrong place)?

I did try the auto adjust and it still puts a “Set Bar Position” every fourth beat regardless of time signature. As I said earlier, it is not a showstopper at all. It is really just calling the beats and bars by the wrong name. In the end the goal is still just to line up all the beats which can still be done. It is really just a curiosity more than anything.

Is it the same way in Cubase 6?

Haven’t Adjusted a non 4/4 project yet. Will post back when I do.