Audio gets worse over time

I use the program exclusively to control external midi devices, but I use the metronome, and occasionally the “piano” sound for my daughters practicing.

The audio starts out fine, for about half an hour, and starts getting glitchy after. The only sound cubase has to render most of the time for me is the metronome, which also eventually glitches.

It sounds the same as turning the buffer down, starts getting snaps. I know there is enough buffer as it starts out fine. Is there something in the background eating up the resources over time, such as an autosave, or something that is causing the program to lose focus?

This happens here too when recording guitar over a looping section of the project, I’m also getting ‘CPU overload’ messages. Quite nasty.
It’s lucky C10.0.05 still works as expected… for me this 10.5 is the worst release since the days of Cubase SX years ago.

I am using 10, I bought it days before 10.5 came out as it happens. I was thinking maybe its doing some background audio recording? Like if you did a riff it would remember the last few minutes even if you didn’t hit record. I think Reaper did something like that, not sure if Cubase does.

My computer is a bone stock Dell 3010 but with 8gigs of ram. The sound card is the onboard but I would think it could render “Beep bip bip bip” ad nauseum without tripping over itself.

I do my percussion tracks on Reason 3.0, and recording using Adobe Audition on an older Dell from 2002, that thing is rock solid.