Audio getting cut off

Hi! I’m using Cubase 5 version. I’ve been having this problem recently. I have a Focusrite 2i2 sound card,which I’ve connected to my laptop.
Say I’m working on Cubase,with my focusrite,and nothing is wrong. I wanna watch a youtube video suddenly,and so i minimise my cubase, watch the video. Now,when i take cubase again, i cant hear the audio of the project that I’m working on. I check the device setup,and it’s on Focusrite itself. I try to change it to Asio,and then change it back to Focusrite.Sometimes it works,sometimes it doesnt. What i then do is,i just unplug my focusrite,plug it back again,then choose focusrite under device setup. But idk if this is good for my focusrite,and besides, this is so tiring. What is causing this problem? And btw,the sample rate of my project is 44100Hz.
Please help me out! Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tried this setting?

Yes i have. In fact, i listen to all the audios from youtube videos and all that through focusrtie only. i think the problem comes when i release the driver,i mean, the driver is getting released when i minimise cubase, i listen to all the youtube crap that i want,and when i take cubase again,idk how to say this,the driver isnt coming back to cubase. i hope you understand what i mean. Any help is appreciated. Thanks :smiley:

My sound card has an ASIO driver for pro audio stuff and a WDM driver for windows.

I work in 48k and window is 44.1k so it’s nice having a soundcard that can do both at the same time.

But that’s a dedicated music machine. I bought a used Dell desktop with a 2nd gen i7 and put win10 on a SSD, works great for $200.

Good to split up tasks to separate machines.