Audio glitch, new computer

I have UR44C . on new computer I have noticed a audio glitch ( skip) when listening to videos.
I have the audio going through my daw ( studio one) on line in and out? windows 11 i9 processor with 64 gig’s ram 2TB HD! should have bought a Mac?

You have much more than enough horsepower with the machine you describe to never hear another glitch ever… if used and configured properly.

If your PC (or Mac) is being busy in the background checking the weather, animating some widgets, checking emails, updating drivers/OS/Adobe, synchronizing OneDrive/iCloud/etc. etc… then it won’t do an optimal job at running a DAW.

A common issue with new machines is the ridiculous amount of useless software (aka bloatware) and “goodies” that are installed by default.

Start by opening Task Manager and check all the applications wasting your resources in the background. You can stop them and see if it solves your problem. If so, then consider completely removing them. Also disable any Startup apps that are not essential (and reboot).

Disable also anything said “automatic”, like automatic updates.

Always a good idea to make sure also all your drivers are up to date.

Then of course, make sure you use the right ASIO driver and it’s configured properly.

Often the graphic card drivers are causing audio-issue.