audio glitch/sound stutter.....pls help !

Hello Everyone !

As the subject says i’m having such a BIG issue with audio glitches ! Its completely annoying ! If someone has face the same issue pls help me out…I will be so thankful.

What exactly happen is…
Whenever i load a plugin the playback audio glitches for a while & then playback goes normal. This also happens even if i change plugin presets or even sometimes i tune a knob on the plugin ! CPU & Disc Usage shows completely normal though audio glitch can be heard. (Even a new project has been opened with not much CPU load/audio track load).

This was not an issue before few months. Everything was running smooth.

Two weeks ago when i was making a mix CD…I load around 50 audio tracks & the disc usage meter starts spiking & the audio playback starts stuttering…Is that normal ?

Pls help… :cry:

You are welcome to join me here…

Pretty similar situation. Have you made any changes to your audio paths recently, or any other changes to your system?

Hi mpayne0 :slight_smile:

I only upgraded my studio by installing 3 plugins which i bought this Christmas :slight_smile: There is nothing wrong with all of them. And i think, this issue is not even related with sound card. But its related to HDD (i think). And thats why, i cleaned & defragmented the both HDD but unfortunately that couldn’t fix the issue !

Thanks :slight_smile:

BTW steinberg tech support guys never help their customer here on forum…that’s really shocking ! My last issue has no reply since now !

It’s not shocking; this is a user forum. For support you must contact Steinberg support via the website. BTW, this glitching you have, is it happening when inserting a plugin while playing back, or is every playback after inserting it (with transport stopped) glitching?

Hi Arjan :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply.

Its happening while the audio/midi/instrument tracks are playing back & i load the plug-in to any track insert & glitch can be also heard, when i change the presets, while playing back. Its really minor but kind of annoying ! Some time ago it was not like that actually.

Inserting a plugin or changing a plugins preset whilst cubase is running!

Most likely cause would be the delay compensation, em… compensating!

Yeah, like Split and Bredo say - sounds normal in that case, though ASIO Guard I think is only in C7? Anyway, playback has to adjust for the extra delay needed for the new plugin. Can’t see how it was not happening before, but I have no experience adding plugins during playback.

  • At both time. For example, if chords are being played using Sylenth1’s pad sound & if i insert a stereo widener plug-in on the insert, then there is latency & audio glitch. Now if i change some presets on that stereo widener plug-in there is glitch sound again. Although its for a few milliseconds, but its kind of annoying ! What i have notice is, if i insert a plug-in on an instrument track while the instrument is turned off & other tracks are playing back there is no latency & no audio glitch issue.

  • If it is “Delay Compensating” then i cant understand why there is audio glitch ? I’m not sure but, i think “Delay Compensating” is only related to audio latency. It will be great if you try as what i said in above example & reply me back with your experience about “Delay Compensating”.

Thank you Split for help :wink:

Thanks Bredo :slight_smile: Unfortunately i’m using Cubase 6 version 6.0.7. And i like to work with it & i really like its look & simplicity. I want to stick with it instead of upgrading to C7.

No ! There was few milliseconds latency issue before but there wasn’t any audio glitch thing !

Split pls try what i said in above example & reply me back so i can conform that it is not a Cubase issue. It can be HDD or something else. Anyone else also can reply me with his experience over “Delay Compensating”. Just try what i said above…pls pls pls…

Thanks :slight_smile:

OK i got you. BTW thanks for introducing that new feature of C7 :slight_smile:

Hey can you pls try this…

Use any synth to play some chords. Set loop playback for the chords. Now set release up to 80-90 percent on the amp. envelop of the synth. Start the playback. Now load any plug-in on that track insert while playing back the chords. Tell me what you have notice. (1). Do you hear latency for few milliseconds ? (2). Is there audio glitch with that latency ? Now, try change presets on that inserted plug-in, while playing back the chord loop. And reply me back the answers of the same two questions above.


Hello All,
I Just wanted to pass along something that has worked for me so far regarding this issue. I am now using Cubase 7 and still had the same old glitch/stutter during playback and recording even after upgrading. Like many I’m sure I was both lost and upset because I couldn’t continue working (with my older version of Cubase or the brand new). After literally 3 days of testing almost non stop I discovered that removing ALL wireless devices from my computer did the trick. And of course disabling Wi-Fi and turning off your Anti Virus is key. Even a wireless mouse and keyboard sends signals back and forth potentially interfering with your interface/rig regardless of its level of quality. My rig is PC, but I would guess it could be the same with a Mac. So before you destroy your computer and your gear and take up knitting professionally try a keyboard and mouse with a chord and hopefully it will work for you too. Good Luck!