Audio glitch

Just today, I’m experiencing distortion in Dorico playback.
Things I’ve checked:

Other audio sources on the PC are all fine.
Rebooted PC.
Loaded other playback templates before switching back to NP. Same results in each.
Loaded earlier projects, now exibiting same results.

Anyone else experienced this and able to suggest a fix? It sounds like an ASIO issue but I’ve not touched a thing.

Version (Nov 13 2022)
Dorico 4 AudioEngine Version

Have you tried disabling ASIOGuard in the Preferences dialog? Or adjusting the buffer size in Edit > Device Setup?

Also, what driver are you using, the Generic Low Latency Driver? You might as well try the also free, generic drivers FlexASIO or ASIO4All.

Thank you both very much for your replies. They were exactly the kind of sensible and technical answers I was expecting. However the solution was more mundane.
The microphone symbol was showing on my windows taskbar. (No idea why - I don’t have a microphone). I switched it off which resulted in no Dorico sound at all. After a reboot everything was okay again. :man_shrugging: