Audio glitches when using audio warp in 10.0.15

I upgraded to Cubase Pro 10.0.15 this past weekend. I’m recording some guitar strums with held chords. Playback of the audio is clean. If I use the Audio Warp function to tighten up the attack hits (doing it manually), i hear a noticeable glitch in the sustaining tail of the chord. The glitch sound reminds me of the old days when you had to find zero crossings for good cross-fades or sample looping. I’m using the elastique Pro - Time algorithm.

If I undo the Audio Warp, the glitch goes away. If I reapply the Audio Warp, either by Quantize or manually moving the hit point, the glitch comes back. Very producible.

I don’t recall hearing this glitch since I upgraded to Cubase 10 a couple of months ago but it’s possible the issue has been there since 10.0.10. In any case, this is a show stopper for any client work. I’ll try to roll-back but this is frustrating to spend so much time on troubleshooting. Perhaps better to wait on upgrades :cry:

Appreciate any help and Thanks!

i have the exact same problem. everytime i try to qiantize an audio file i get a glitch in the first 1-2 seconds of the file. i tried all i can think of but the glitch always happens.

im on windows 10 as well…

Any help would be apreciated

Was this ever sorted? I get glitches sometimes when I use timewarp to snap an audio in time.

Did you solve this issue? Have the same on cubase 9,5…

Hi All,
Issue went away with 10.0.30 release as best I can remember. Have not seen this issue since. I’m using version 11 now. I also seem to recall updating drivers for my UR-44 audio interface but don’t believe that helped.