Audio glitches with mouse/window movement at low latency

Hey guys:

With my new system I’ve been able to push my profire 2626 to 64 samples latecy, the lowest it allows, and run projects my 2-year-old quad core Q6600 requied 1024 samples.

The only problem I’m noticing is that when I move the mouse, a window, etc. I occasionally get a minor click or pop in the audio. I never got this on my old machine, which had an nVidia card. This new machine has an ATI Radeon HD 5570. I have the latest ATI drivers right from their website and I have aero and all effects turned off (athough maybe I should turn them on because i hear this uses more graphics acceleration).

Any quick suggestions on what might make this go away? It’s not a showstopper and I could go to 128 samples and I bet they’d go away. But I wanted to know if this was a known issue with a quick fix.

This might help…

I’ve just moved my system to Windows 7 from XP.

Same PC, same hardware etc. just a new HDD with Windows 7 on it.

Under XP, I found I was getting pauses in the audio every second or so (When running Ableton Live). I discovered that if I minimised the window, the problem went away. Turned out to be my graphics drivers. Updated to the latest ones and problem solved.

Under Windows 7 however, I found that the ‘official’ drivers gave me problems (with Cubase this time), and I am now just using the default drivers from Microsoft.

So it might be a good idea to just try uninstalling the ATI drivers and use the Windows ones.

I will try that. Thanks!

So I uninstalled the ATI drivers, catalyst control center, etc. that came from the ATI site, and instead installed the WHQL certified ATI drivers from Windows Update. This didn’t resolve the problem.

The repro is simple:

  1. Set ProFire 2626 to 64 samples latency
  2. Open a project
  3. Press play
  4. While playing scroll project window up and down quickly

Result: The red ASIO overrun indicator flashes on briefly and there is a small audio click.

It’s not horrible, but I’ve never dealt with this before because on my Q6600 I always ran at 512 samples or higher of latency on the ProFire.


Run the DPC latency checker and see if it gives you any clues.

Increase to 128 samples.

Swap the ATI card for the old nVidia card.

Snowboarding and superbowl today so can’t try the card swap. However, switching to 128 samples latency clears up the problem. Was just hoping to stay at 64.

I’ll try DPC latency checker tonight.

Can most probably be fixed by using a PS2 keyboard and mouse instead of USB.
USB can cause DPC latency spikes, and thus audio dropouts.
I use a PS2 keyboard and mouse on my DAW pc.

I don’t even have a legacy mouse port on my DAW.

When you installed the drivers that came with the motherboard and video card, did you also install the supplied utilities?

If so, you may just have also loaded ill-designed stuff that does automatic adjustments, like clock control, etc.
These are often triggered to do their stuff periodically, and usually being non-multimedia aware, will generate high DPC latencies each time they are polled. GET RID OF THEM!

1:Turn Aero back on, this will stop GUI running using your CPU.

2: Do you still have your old NVidea card around? if so drop it in and give it a try.

3: Do you have all your C1E and speed step/thermal throttling stuff disabled in your BIOS?


I’ll try all of these. Thanks! Ordered a fanless 512MB nVidia card for $39 from Amazon to try as well. Should arrive today.

Installed nVidia card (512mb, lower end than the ati, but fanless and super cheap). Problem was reduced by more than 50%.

Switched on Aero. Problem disappeared AND overall ASIO load dropped 30%.

Another example of an ‘optimization’ that is still listed as current for win7 and is just wrong.

Thanks for the help!!!