Audio Glitches

Hi there,
I have big troubles when opening OBS and Dorico at the same time. I get audio glitches all the time when I start a playback or playing with my MIDI Keyboard.

The issue comes from Dorico.
II already tried this:

  1. Opening OBS + Cubase, Musescore or any other Software → no glitches - it only happens with Dorico+OBS
  2. Using different VST instruments → still glitches
  3. Increasing Samplerate in UAudio Apollo Interface up to 2000 -->still glitches
  4. Assigning individual virtual output to Dorico in Universal Audio Console -->still glitches
  5. Removed all audio Inputs in OBS. → Still glitches

Please find attached the Diagnostics File.

Can anyone please help? This is totally urgent. I need to switch to another software if you do not solve it. Unfortunately I created tons of teaching material in Dorico which I need to record now.
Dorico (512,3 KB)

Hi Jordan and welcome to the forum !
Are you sure you’ve updated to the latest UAD driver or ASIO? I think I’ve read stuff about that on the forum (like one or two months ago) and it was solved by updating the driver or the ASIO…

Thanks for your reply. I did this. The driver is updated. But i just found something: Is it possible we need to match the bitrate? Is there a way to adjust the bitrate in Dorico? Like 32bit float vs 24?

No, bitrate is not a problem AFAIK. Sample rate is, of course. My understanding is that the Audio Engine, shared with Cubase, is all 32 bits floating.

do you know if dorico support is monitoring this thread or do I need to contact them separately?

I know for a fact that many of them (including Daniel Spreadbury and Lillie Harris) do read every post of this forum!

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Hi @JordanB , which ASIO driver are you using in Dorico?