Audio glue workaround?

I understand that Cubasis doesn’t support gluing Audio. This seems like a big feature to miss - is there any sort of a workaround?

Not that I know of within Cubasis. I think this feature is on their list. The only way that I could think of is to bounce and export the edited events and combine in another app.

Wouldn’t it work to just mixdown the audio track with all the events to a new file and then re-import into the workflow space from MediaBay? Not clear why you’d have to export to another app.

Based on this info (thanks guys) a long-winded workaround for me was:

  • disable all effects
  • solo track
  • mix down to media bay
  • delete all items in the track
  • drag mixed-down audio from media bay into the track
  • re-enable effects
  • un-solo track

glad it worked CrashAlpha. I did the same just the other day and yes it’s long-winded but it works.

Hi CrashAlpha,

if you have access to Audiobus could you try this approach - essentially designed to allow you to apply 3rd party effects apps to a Cubasis track - but without using an effects app in the Audiobus effects slot?

It does at least mean that you get the new track straight into Cubasis without having to go to/from Mediabay - although you still have to clean up the original track, etc.

Good luck and best wishes,


Thanks John. Would love to use Audiobus, but it’s for for iPad 2 or above, and I have an iPad 1. The price of early adoption!

Ah… sorry that couldn’t help then. I’m currently working on a 3rd gen version but I suspect I’ll be very tempted by whatever the 5th gen brings whenever Apple make it available…

Good luck…


Sorry, my mistake about the third party app, don’t know what I was thinking about. :blush:
Looks like everyone’s worked it out.