Audio goes on and off


I am using Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5 on window 10.

I was recording myself singing with the instrumental track. However, it was weird how my voice goes on and off. Im pretty sure it was captured during the recording as there are sound waves in the bars. But my singing goes on and off.
And the pick up of my vocal is slow.

Wave ss

I have attached a photo of the details for the instrumental track. Hope it helps.

Please Help!!


I would guess, you have been using one of the track preset, where is VST Dynamics plug-in involved. In this plug-in, there is the Gate part. Disable it, please.


Thank you for your reply. However, could you guide me on how to disable the gate part?

Im afraid that I’m pretty new to this and I have limited knowledge. Hope you understand:)

Thank you.


Click the button next to the Gate label, please.


Thank you for your help! I manage to solve it.