Audio gone missing

Greetings folks.

Now I’m no novice, but I was just smashing around some keyboard shortcuts and chopping up some samples, when I looked up and realised all my waveforms have gone blank and there is no audio! (See screenshot)

I’ve checked location of files etc and everything should be linked fine, and I’ve opened some other projects containing the same audio file and they work just fine, I’m guessing I’ve pressed some kind of accidental keyboard shortcut, but if anyone can solve this it would be much appreciated.

No big issue if not, it’s like an hours work, but just curious to know what’s happened.

Cheers and be well all,

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 18.14.47 (2).png

Hi and welcome,

Preferences > Event Display > Audio > Show Waveforms, enable this, please.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the quick response/welcome.

Show Audio Waveforms is enabled, I’ve checked all audio preferences and nothing is amiss… There is simply no waveform nor audio present. I wish I could explain further but that’s it it just disappeared!

I’ll keep revisiting anyhow, and if I find what the issue was will let everyone know, in the meantime will redo the work!

Thanks again,



Could you try to Backup the project, and open it from the Backup then? Is it the same?