Audio handling in 7/7.5

So I recently upgraded to 7/7.5 and I just realized that the default way that audio files are being handled is different now.

As I understand it, as long as the “Prompt For Project Location” option is checked, it’ll always make an audio folder in the project folder (or whatever I select)?


You are correct sir. :slight_smile:

Is that new ?!

I’ve been working with Cubase Since 4 and it was always like that… right ?!

Was it?

I guess maybe I just never noticed there was an option to save everything in one place.

That just seems like such a terrible idea….

Different stroke for different folks though, I spose.

No, you’re incorrect.

If you select “Prompt For Project Location”, it will prompt you where you want to save your project.

Normally, you’d make a different folder for every project. In those folders are your .cpr files, an audio folder and some more important project files/folders.

When you don’t select the option “Prompt For Project Location”, it will just make a folder in the default location for you, naming it the way you named your project.

Seems to me it’s been that way back to at least C4.
Seems I also remember it being so in VST with Arr files i.e. b4 cpr files.