Audio Hardware Setup bug fixed in C9???

Can anyone tell me if the audio hardware setup bug from C8/8.5 has been fixed in C9?

FYI, the hardware setup panel in C8.5 vanishes making it impossible to route headphones. The running the utility to adjust buffers rings it back, until you exit Cubase at which point it’s gone again. Bug/issue report below:

Steinberg has know about this for months (from me and others) but there is no mentio of it being fixed in the update notes.

If it’s actually been fixed, I’ll probably pop for C9 now (despite my general disappointment with this “update”), just to alleviate this problem in my set-up.

Thanks in advance!

Bump… Anyone???

Is this your issue:

Actually, he’s referring to the “Audio Hardware Setup” option arbitrarily disappearing from the “Devices Menu”…

This has been a long standing (and, as of yet, unaddressed) issue. I, also, would be very interested in whether or not this issue has been resolved in Cubase 9, since it might be a “feature” that could persuade me to purchase the new version (I’m on 8.5.2).

@AlakaLazlo… Looks like the latest MR816 driver update fixed the issue… I installed the new driver yesterday, and it seems to be working (so far).

Hope this helps!

Yes it does help. I´d given up on this and had not noticed a new tools release.
You get a big thank you from me.