Audio help please

Dorico has stopped output to my speakers. I can export audio successfully and all other audio is okay. I’ve been experimenting with Team Viewer. It could have something to do with it. Running Dorico 3.10 with Noteperformer 3.3 on Windows 10. Any advice is appreciated. Attached is a diagnostic report.
Dorico (1.2 MB)

The Generic ASIO Low Latency driver is currently using “LG ULTRAWIDE (2- NVIDIA High 1” as output port. This is probably not the one you want.
Go to Edit > Device Setup and push the Control Panel button, a new window will open. In that window is a list of available output ports.
Select other ports by checkmarking them at the front. Then close all windows and restart Dorico.

If still no sound comes out, please post another diagnostic report.

Thank you very much. That fixed it.