Audio, images and edits not saved properly

Hi folks!

I’m having some issues when opening a new project with a “saved as template” template.

The project loads properly when I save it, the .cpr being saved where I told the program to save it. However, the audio/edit/image files are saved into the default documents folder (C:\Users\\Documents\Cubase Projects)

How can I set cubase to save all the necessary files (.cpr/audio/edit/image) in one place when using a template?

Note that I’ve been using templates for 2 years but never had that problem before…

Also, I tried to “set pool record folder” without any success. I don’t find any info in the manual stating how to use this feature.

Any help will be appreciated,
Thank you.

Cubase 5.5.3 / Windows 7

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I guess i’m the only one using templates here :wink:
Probably not…