Audio import behaviour for templates: bug/feature?

Hi all,

I wanted to check to see if this is a bug or a feature. This is a Project I just created from my template, which contains a number of audio files. My Prefs are set to import all audio into the Audio folder for that Project. Note that the Audio folder has one address but my samples have another, meaning they didn’t import.

I’m fine with the duplication of some files - I’ll get rid of the unused files later - I just want everything in one place so I don’t have to Back Up Project later.

Can anyone tell me whether this is how it’s supposed to be and I should have a box checked somewhere, or if this is a bug?



In general, template is a common project, which is just stored in the dedicated folder. Nothing more. So if you have some Audio files used in the project, these files are placed in the dedicated folder (cubaseTemplates/Audio). That’s OK.

Than you start to record a new audio material in the project, and the Audio files are stored to the folder of this project (/Audio), which is correct again.

So I would say, everything as it should be. Or am I missing something in your post?

I’ve seen this remark before, I think that checkbox does not do anything like copy to project.

Use Media->Prepare Archive will bring everything into you folder, once you project is created.

Thanks for the replies, guys.

If I can’t start a session with all the audio imported in one directory (sigh) it seems like the best solution is:

  1. open a copy of the template,
  2. turn off Copy Files To Working Directory,
  3. import the samples in question into the session from where they are in my sample drive,
  4. re-save.

At least then the sample references don’t just point to whatever directory I happened to be using when I created the Template, which is a very sloppy way to work.