Audio import crashs vl

audio import crashs vl
i have never had a program before that crashs so often!!!

Hi @kyru,

we are very sorry. Could you please have a look if a crash file was generated?

Does it always crash while importing an audio file? Maybe it is related to a specific file? Can you give us that file?

See you,

There are so much different issues, loosing connectivity to audio files, audio position starts at wrong point after save, plugin crash, …, restart, restart, restart
And with preload, every time to wait 2 minutes!!!


Hi @kyru,

we are trying to do our best to get every crash and bug resolved in time. But to get it done we often need hints or steps to reproduce the problems. Crash-Logs are also very helpful, but sometimes they won’t be created. And we’ll find out why. Furthermore crashes are not acceptable. Therefore, they will always be analysed first. But we need your help to identify the problem. Do you have a pattern for the crash? Something like …

  1. Start VL, New Project, Select TRACKS
  2. Create an Audiotrack, Start Playback
  3. Import an Audiofile with “File / Import Audio File …” → Crash
  4. The audio file does not matter

And I can understand the impatience with the missing “MIDI plugin” support. I know we said that we are working on it. And we still do. But it’s not an easy task. And we have to find a good mix between bug-fixing and small and big feature requests.

We are also trying to release new Pre-Releases on Fridays. We do this to be able to deliver bug fixes faster. If you help us with your problems, I am sure we get it solved and can it release fast.

And : You can always send me an email to m.spork (at)

Have a nice time,

Hi Michael,
i was really really frustrated yesterday.
I like your Program a lot.
In the beginning, Cantabile crashs really often too.
I use both and i miss several things like in Cantabile, but your program is more musician friendly and the sequencer is an important point for live use today.
First I want to play on my keyboard, not with the computer.
Have a nice day.


What you mean? It starts at the top when you activate a Song, makes sense for live operation?

Which ones? Without knowing we can’t improve.

Sure, that’s the idea, so that you don’t have to wait later when switching Parts. It’s not VST Live that takes the time, it’s the plugins which take their time to load. If you don’t like it and don’t need it, just switch it off (File/Preload/Always preload).

… I can understand that.

… thank you very much. We have identified the problematic area for the crash while importing audio files. We’ll keep you in the loop with our progress.

See you,