Audio Import Into Pool Automatically Stretched/Re-Pitched

Greetings. Thanks ahead of time for your help. I’m a very experienced Cubaser but today I stumbled upon something that I don’t really have the time to research and thought I’d pop a note up here.

Today, as I’ve done 1000’s of times, I imported some full song clips into the pool. When I laid them onto a track to edit in the project, they were automatically repitched and made faster. It was strange and I looked at the Musical setting and played with (turned it on and off, etc.) that but it either made it faster or it went back to the already increased pitch. I must have changed some sort of setting somewhere related to that and the tempo. The songs were at 44.1 and the project was at 48k (it’s a video project) but I also did a conversion and that didn’t change it. It’s like it’s importing it at the tempo rate and embedding that new stretch/repitch. Is it automatically creating hitpoints on import? I didn’t do this before and again, I’m wondering what setting is so different. I’d be surprised if it’s because of the 44.1/48k difference. I’ve done this before - for years. But with this, I’m puzzled. I did some searching but not having luck finding answers yet.

Thanks for any clues.

PS: I a, using the 7.5 version and have NOT yet downloaded the new 7.5.10 update. Maybe this is the issue??

Automatic hitpoint creation on imported audio is a new feature of 7.5.x - you have to turn it off in preferences.

Thanks a lot BriHar! I thought it was related to that. :slight_smile: