Audio Import not working

Using Cubase 11.0.41

Hey Everyone, been going crazy trying to work out why when I import an audio file it sounds different from the original file. It doesnt matter if i go File/ import etc or just drag the sample straight in. Ive set up the preferences so that sample rates are converted (tried both manually and automatically) no luck. Experimented with the audio pool musical mode settings and no luck. Tried audio processing - resample - change sample rate… no luck Does cubase do automatic warping at all? am i missing a setting?

Very very confused. Hopefully im missing something silly and simply and this is an easy fix.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

In which manner does it sound different, please? Does it change the pitch or the speed?

With which source do you compare the audio file? Which player do you use?

Does the Audio File’s Sample Rate match the Project’s Sample Rate? Does the Project’s Sample Rate match the Audio Device’s Sample Rate?

Hi Martin,

The sound is different in that is sounds lower, almost filtered. The sound is also stretched. longer than original sample length. more percussive samples sound like the attack has been softened, not the same punch. Whether i’m converting a file from 44.1 to 48 or from 96 down to 48 the sounds are still very inconsistent. Im pulling sounds from basehead, splice and other sample banks. Never had this problem in Ableton or Protools. I should be able to just spot to session/ drag and drop and have files convert and maintain audio consistency…



Could you attach the audio files comparison, to be able to hear the difference, please?

wouldnt let me upload audio file so heres a wetransfer link to x2 files. WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free


Oh, it sounds totally diferent. Is it the same if you import it to an empty project? My question is, if any Insert effect is applied on the track, or on the Output/Group Channel? Do you use any Direct Offline Process?


Thank you for the video.

But I have to say, I have no idea…

thanks for your effort Martin i appreciate the help, Im really really confused myself haha. Might go for a hard re install. ive updated sound card drivers, computer reboot, etc etc… nooooo ideaaaa…

all the best

I haven’t used Splice in a long time … do you pull the samples down to your hard drive and then import them into CB as .wav files, or are you dragging them into CB directly from Splice?


From the video… The user is dragging it directly from Splice, as far as I could see.

Sorry … didn’t see the video. Dropping samples onto disc then importing should work, but I don’t know how that impacts the user’s workflow using Splice.

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