audio import problem, please help?

hi. first of all i’m not really good at english so i’m so confused right now but i’m trying.
i’m using cubase 7 with windows 7. whenever i try to import audio, sometimes it works, but sometimes it’s not
sometimes it just makes loud noise and also makes my computer tunr off sometimes.
what is wrong? i have no idea, 32bit, 64 bit there’s no different.

please help.

thank you.

What format of audio files are you trying to import?


Hi there

A question

HOW do you import? Via the import command in the “File” dialog or just dragging the file in from explorer, (which I use without any problems)?

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Since you’ve been successful importing some mp3 and not others, it may be that Cubase has problems reading these correctly. There could be several reasons for this. When you next come across an mp3 that will not be imported correctly, try re-encoding it to wav or aif in iTunes (or a similar mp3 player) and import that file into Cubase.

If this doesn’t work, the mp3 file is probably corrupt (or very strangely encoded) and you’ll need to get a new copy.

Hi. Dave!
oh it completely works and makes no problem!!! thank you so so very much from the bottom of my heart. have a nice day!

To. Sveene

hi svenne! thanks for answering! but when i import same file, sometimes it works and sometimes it’s not. and i only download mp3 through iTunes store. anyway i fix a problem! thank you so much for answering. <3