Audio import problem

Hello everyone,

drag and drop with Addictive Drums 2:
the first import the import dialog opens.
After that every audio imported will be the same event as the first one imported. Even though the audio content is a newly recorded one (recorded in AD2: A = 15 seconds; B = 6 seconds). Plus no dialog appears anymore. Yes, the box “open dialog” or similar was ticked when the first time dialog appeared.

Thank you and happy weekend :teapot:


Do you know, was it the same in Cubase 12? Is it new in Cubase 13?

Good question - I deinstalled Cubase 12 and only found out under Cubase 13…
Maybe others can test that and post here :pray:

XLNaudio gave me a hint:
drag and drop the audio directly into the media Pool.
This is a workaround and I hope support will look into this so the drag and drop to a new audio track will be possible AND the dialog for that opens up as intended EVERY time.

Happy music making :guitar: