Audio in Cubase Artist 6

Hi, I am from Poland and I have recently purchased cubase artist 6. After installing it and writing first notes in score editor I noticed that my audio was not working well. I wanted to play my score but I could not. Program showed me that score was playing but I did not hear any sound (speakers were switched on and everything was installed). After that I wanted to check if all audio files could not be played.I opened Windows Media Player and there was a statement saying that audio could be switched off or configured and again I could not play any music. I have Windows 7 software. How can I solve that problem ? Andrew

In Device setup, make sure you have selected your audio interface driver. Then hit f4 to open VST connections and assign the Cubase in and outputs to your physical in and outputs. Check your trackrouting and you should be good to go.

As for playing back score, you’ll need to assign an instrument to the midi channel, be it hardware or a VST instrument. Generally Halion Sonic SE which comes with Cubase Artist 6 can provide fine sounds for playing back your score. Depends on what kind of instruments you’re after though.