Audio in Dorico

As I often have to write additional parts on top of existing music (strings for pop songs etc.) I looked for a way to do that in Dorico. Here’s my workaround.

As there is no audio import function in Dorico now I made a dummy video (6 min black without sound) and imported an audiofile (song) into that video (I did that in Logic).

When I open that movie file in Dorico the song plays along with the score in Dorico. But Doricos tempo is not in sync with the song.

In Logic I can reclock the song so that the project tempo follows the song tempo. This creates a list of tempo changes. If I export this tempo list from Logic as a midi file I can import it into Dorico too. To export the midi file it has to contain at least one midi note in the length of the song. I used a C1 from start to end of the song.

When importing the midi file into Dorico it creates a new flow. So there is flow 1 with the song and flow 2 with the tempo changes. I have to “select all” in the second flow and „right click“ ––> „Filter All Tempos“ and copy/paste them into the first bar of flow 1. Then I can delete flow 2.

Now Dorico follows the song tempo and it’s possible to write along with the song. Also great for transcribing.

Exporting audio into video and syncing the host tempo to audio and exporting midi files is possible in most DAWs (Cubase etc). Maybe this workaround helps one or another.

You can also import a tempo track into Dorico from a midi file. This can be used to import just the tempo, time signatures and markers from a midi file into an existing project

Ah, thank you! Great time saver!