Audio in Finder hangs when Cubase is open

i have Sierra and C9.030 and often work with Soudndesign where i prelisten Audios in Finder to drag and drop it into the cubase session.
i think it came with the update to Sierra that from time to time, every couple of audio plays in finder the finder freezes or hangs for 20-30 seconds when closing the media play window (opened by pressing space).

is that a known issue - is there a solution for it?
its kind of annoying :frowning:


To me it sounds like it’s totally on Apple side. You are using OS X Finder and its built-in player. Or am I wrong?

yes exactly thats what i use - the fastest way to prelisten to sounds

OK, so there is no issue on Cubase side at all in this area, right? Then contact Apple, please.

thank you for your help. ill contact apple.
Although i think its a combination of apple and cubase, since this problem only occurs when cubase is open - when its closed there is no problem