I’d like to make a VST3 Plugin which has “Audio-IN” and “MIDI-OUT”.
I’m trying ;
(1) Base on “ADelay” example (in VST3-SDK 3.6.9) for “Audio-IN”.
(2) Changing IDs in “adelayids.h”.
(3) Adding APIs for “MIDI-OUT”.
(3-1) addEventOutput() on “Processor::initialize”.
(3-2) …(?)

I couldn’t find any APIs for writing “MIDI-OUT” in process().

for example “NOTE-ON (0x90 0x40 0x7F)”

in your process function you get ProcessData which has the optional member outputEvents which is a IEventList. This can be used to add events like note on and off.


I’ll try. :wink:

I wrote a code with “IEventList”.
And, it works. Thanks.

It isn’t perfect but I wrote is;

//   processor.cpp


#include "pluginterfaces/vst/ivstevents.h"


tresult PLUGIN_API Utnspl41Processor::process (ProcessData& data)


	//note-on (added)
	if (true) {
		// --- get the event list for output
		IEventList*  mylist = data.outputEvents;
		if (mylist)
			Event midiEvent = { 0 };
			midiEvent.busIndex = 0;
			midiEvent.sampleOffset = 0; // location
			midiEvent.type = Event::kNoteOnEvent;

			// --- set the channel/note/vel = 0;

			midiEvent.noteOn.pitch = 60; // MIDI note nume
			midiEvent.noteOn.velocity = 0.40; // VEL=50; in velocity [0,1]
			midiEvent.noteOn.noteId = 60;



Did you manage to catch the MIDI-out events somewhere?

I’ve received on MIDI Track of Cubase.:slight_smile:

Wow. That’s exactly what I want to do too. So you just had to add the IEventList in the ProcessData?

By the way: I use the ASPiK SDK. It’s much easier to compile for Audio Units and AAX after with the same code. But the base is still the VSTSDK / VSTGUI.

I think so.
Otherwise, (as I wrote above)

(3-1) addEventOutput() on “Processor::initialize”.


#include “pluginterfaces/vst/ivstevents.h”

I’m interested in such usage and SDKs.
I didn’t know ASPiK.
Please feel free to discuss. :slight_smile:

MIDI out in VST now works here. Thank you.

ASPiK is cool. As soon as you are set up, you write your code only once for five systems:

  • Windows VST3
  • Windows AAX
  • Mac VST3
  • Mac AAX
  • Mac Audio Units

There are few files to edit.
Everything relies on VSTSDK and VSTGUI.
The only thing that I am missing is iOS.

Now I will try if my VST-MIDI-OUT will work with Audio Units.

Meanwhile I am trying to compile the interApp and iOS/AUv3 examples from the VSTSDK (3.6 and 3.7) with no success. I always get errors for missing libraries.

The only thing I did get to work is AUv3 for macOS, which is nice too because it’s then a kind of standalone. I will try if MIDI comes out of that soon.

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