Audio In not working after upgrading to 10.5 pro

Guys can any one help on here please?

I think i’m losing my marbles. I upgraded Cubase 10.0 to 10.5 a couple of weeks back including installing the 10.5.5 Patch and now Audio in routing with not work from my UAD apollo interface. (I don’t have another interface to try at the moment)

Everything was working fine before but now it’s not even seeing signal in the audio in… I’ve tried everything I can but nada!

Before you ask, I have tried this in another DAW (Reason11) and Audio in works perfect from my Apollo inputs and records sweet as expected… But not Cubase… it’s so strange!

I have also just opened up Cubase 10.0.30 again just to ensure that i’m not doing anything silly - Audio in working fine there!

Any idea’s, please help!




Make sure Cubase is enabled in the System Preferences > Privacy & Security > Microphone, please.

Wow, you’re good. thank you that has fixed the issue. @Martin.Jirsak