audio in/out problems..

maybe it’s just me and I haven’t used cubase in a while, but I just bought cubase elements and can’t seem to get the connections sorted.

For quick recordings I just my Iphone via jamup via the apogee one jam.

This is what I want, and it works in garageband but not in cubase for some odd reason…

Input audio device is the JAM
output audio device is my macbook’s internal soundcard.

I try this in cubase, doesn’t work! It only lets me choose one or the other and is prevalent for both audio input and audio outputs! Why? How? Can I get this work like it does in garageband with seperate audio ins and outs???

Cubase will only accept one sound card driver. Unfortunately!

It’s been a while since I had to use it, but I’m pretty sure the third-party ASIO4ALL driver supports multiple interfaces. Google it and download it and try!

doesn’t look like there’s a mac equivalent that will work

thanks for the replies…looks like i might need to change my DAW