Audio-In-Pauses Time Indication

When AIP is toggled, the marker pause timings are not updated. For example, if your first marker is at 1min and AIP is off, then the pause should be 0:00:00. But if you activate AIP the pause should indicate 0:01:00, but it does not always do that. If you render a DDP, the pause will be incorporated even though the parent montage timings indicated 0:00:00. This lack of up-to-date timing indication is confusing. In WL5, AIP modified timings were updated/indicated instantly.

Besides the desire of expected accuracy, having correct timings gave an additional clue whether AIP was on or off. Often AIP is on when you don’t really want/intend to use it. The visual indication for AIP state is tiny and easily overlooked in a sea of buttons. Having accurate, up-to-date timing indication provided another clue of AIP state and helped avoid mistakes when rendering.

You are right and this will need a fix. But by toggling on/off the settings:
the display is correct again.