Audio Inpainting technology

…to recreate audio material by using the spectral information of the surrounding area…

This sounds like Science-Fiction :smiley:

How does it work exactly? If any video tutorial is planned, please let us know!

Very excited about this update, thank you so much Steinberg!

This is like when a part of a picture is replaced by analysing what is around that part, by guessing what is missing.

Hi there,

there you go:


Very nice!

Thanks Philippe and Luis

Philippe, I gotta say I’m not entirely thrilled with the name “InPainting”. It seems like this feature is what is known in photo editors as a Clone Stamp or a Healing Brush. I’m bringing it up because Cubase has always had an annoying habit of creating new (and obscure) terms of art for features they had borrowed from other programs.

It seems to me that since this is basically the audio analog of a photo editor feature that a LOT of people will already be familiar with, you should stick with that well known term of art rather than creating something new (and harder to remember).

That said, it’s a GREAT new feature.