Audio Input and Output Routing Question

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Hi Folks

I am struggling with setting up a Cubase Template. I have NI Komplete and a Zed r16 and I’d like to set up a master writing template with say Kontakt providing 8 instruments, Battery, A couple of Massives, FM8, a Guitar input through the desk (running through NI Guitar Rig) and a vocal channel through the desk. I’d like to be able to group channels such as Bass, Synths, Strings etc… but I would like the ability to control channel levels via my desk and use the Allen&Heath EQ’s and finally pipe a summed mix back into Cubase. Notwithstanding the NI issues configuring outputs on Kontakt etc…

  1. How can I set up the mixer to show my audio inputs and outputs and also assign the VSTis to the correct channel?

  2. How do assign output channels in the Cubase mixer to physical mixer channels? (I have set up busses in the VST Connections Tab but I am struggling to assign VST output to audio output)

I am getting tangled up with midi tracks in the Cubase mixer I think. I have the SWA Training Videos but they send me to sleep. Yes I have tried to RTFM but I keep confusing myself.

Any wisdom greatfully received. :slight_smile:



I’m not sure if that what you talking about but you can try …

1 Activate multi Output in VST Instrument by clicking the little harrow beside the Kontakt label in the VST Instrument Windows and choosing a config you need.

2 setup some Output inside Kontakt and redirect data … you can watch this little video on youtube :

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Have a Great Day