Audio Input Bus configuration not working out :(

Hi there everyone,
I am pretty new to all this and struggling with my set-up.
I have managed to record in the beginning, but now I keep getting the same error over and over and I cannot work out why or what to do to make it work.
I have got WavelabCast and I am trying to record just the voice.
I have tried all kids of different templates in Audio Montage, and like I say, in the past I managed to make it work, but now nothing is working out and the same error reads as follows:

“The audio input bus selected for this track is not configured to record 1 audio channels”
“The audio input bus selected for this track is not configured to record 2 audio channels”
Depending if I am clicking on host or e.g. Music if I choose a template with more than one audio track.

I have fiddled with the channel configuration (Mono / Stereo)
and the control panel Output and Input Ports, but nothing has worked.
I really don`t know what to do anymore. I know it has worked in the past and I have no idea what the setting was as I am still learning all of this and trying to figure this program out.

I have connected a Blue Yeti Microphone and Bose Headphones.

I very much appreciate any help and thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

What version of WaveLab Cast?
Did you click there.

Thanks for your reply…I use the first version - and I clicked on the button next to it, but I was doing it wrong…I was clicking on the little arrow instead of the circle…I managed to figure it out…still learning :sweat_smile:
So kind of you trying to help - much appreciated!

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