Good morning:

I have both Wavelab 6 and Wavelab 7 installed on my DAW.
Under Wavelab 6 and following the instructions in the manual, the plugin functions normally.
When using Wavelab 7 and following the instructions on page 323, the plugin does not work as I am not able to press the play button ( nothing happens ).
This feature is useful for doing a first pass of processing when flying in a new project.

Are you using WaveLab version 7.1.1?

Thank you for the prompt reply PG!

I am using 7.11 (build 550)

I have noticed that an audio file (or a montage) must be loaded in order for the play button to be activated (even using ASIO Audio Input Plugin). So, when capturing my first file, I load a “dummy” file into gthe Audio Files window and everything works okay (except for some bit depth issues which are being addressed).


Many thanks BW.
This is a solution.
I do not beleive that it is in the manual.