Audio Inputs dialogue = some inputs in Red?

Hi All,

I’ve searched but can’t find the answer (keeps getting sidetracked by ‘red book standard’).

Anyway, I’m trying to record from input 6 of my RME Fireface 400 (I’m in latest Wavelab 10) but it’s not coming through on the main recording bus even though levels are good.

When I go to preferences, Audio Input 6 is shown in Red - why?

If I make a new recording bus with just Input 6 active, it records - but is still in Red.

WTH is going on?

Many thanks,


Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 15.52.25

It should mean this port is used elsewhere in your config. Maybe external FX?

Hi PG1

Thanks for you response. But no - I don’t have any external FX routed in. I have a mic going into input 2 (muted), an synth going into input 5 (muted) and this synth I’m trying to record into input 6.

In Wavelab I don’t have anything in the External Effects tab. Actually all of my inputs show in Red for some reason (new afaict) but it’s just that input 6 won’t record in main buffer.

Am I being thick? I can’t figure this out.

It is maybe used in your Bus #2 or Bus #3
Note that this is not an error. Just a warning.

Well - by process of elimination I’ve figured out that wavelab - at least on my system using an RME FF 400 can’t accept 6 inputs on a recording bus. When I eliminate one (set it to unused) I can then record. So I’ve made Main recording bus inputs 1-4 and Bus 2 5-6. Good thing I don’t record drum kits.

Not sure why/what’s going on. But many thanks for your help.