Audio inputs not connected .control room not connected

I have an interesting problem .I have a UR 816C .The message in yellow "audio inputs not connected and control room not connected in Cubase 11 Pro .Applications as stannd alone have no audio .This is because I opened Cubase and forgot to turn the interface on at one point .The UR 816C works fine with FL Studio .Studio One 5 and ACID Pro .It also works with Cubase AI . Not with Pro and artist .Have done unistalls ,reinstalls .Unpluged the inteface when PC off .Pluged in when PC on .


Open Studio > Audio Connection and assign the Input and set your Control Room properly (or disable Control Room, if you don’t use it), please. Then the message disappears.

Thank you for your suggestion . I did do that . There is a connection problem .The stand alone applications do not work either .Hallion , Hallion sonic ect . The mystery is that when I open them in Studio One , they work . With audio connections there is device port .In Pro it says " Not Connected " Left and Right . I just opened Cubase AI that I got with the UR 816 C . I turned the interface off then a message appeared about which audio protocol I should use .I turned it back on and it worked fine .There is a connection issue with Cubase Pro and Artist in the application .Is there a Cubase system diagnostic ? The UR 816 C is made for Cubase .I wonder if I had another brand of audio interface if this would still be an issue ? I am so temped to aim toward a DAWLESS setup . Thank you for your time .


Turn UR 816C On. In the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System, choose the Yamaha Steinberg driver. Then open Audio Connections and set the Inputs.

If it doesn’t work, attach some screenshots, please.

Thank you Martin .Yes you pointed me in the right direction .It took some time because the audio system was hiding or undiscovered .The window needed to be slided .That is because you told me to look for that .My problem was I did not know to look for the "Audio system " .So thank you again .I hope that you have a good day .