Audio Inputs/Outputs missing from Status Line

When I first launch Cubase Artist 8.5.15 and choose the ‘Empty’ project template the ‘Audio Inputs’ and ‘Audio Outputs’ tabs on the Status Line (first 2 tabs on left) are absent. Right clicking the Status Line and choosing ‘Setup’ does not include those 2 items to add.

When I then close the ‘Empty’ project and choose a Recording → ‘Piano+Vocal’ template the 2 tabs ARE there and the 2 items are now included in the Status Line ‘Setup’ menu.

When I close the ‘Piano+Vocal’ and again open an ‘Empty’ project the 2 tabs ARE there and the 2 items are included on the Status Line ‘Setup’ menu.

If I close and relaunch Cubase Artist 8.5.15 the same bahaviour is repeated.

The only way to have the ‘Audio Inputs’ and ‘Audio Outputs’ tabs available on the Status Line when creating an ‘Empty’ is to first create (then then close) any Recording project. The 2 items will then appear on ‘Empty’ template projects as long as Cubase Artist 8 is not closed and relaunched.

Is this normal behaviour?


Windows 10, Cubase Artist 8.5.15 (64), UR22 USB Interface