Audio interface clashes with mouse

Without Cubase 6 running, both the mouse and the touchpad on my laptop work normally. If I then insert the dongle and the Focusrite Safire 6 USB interface and start Cubase the programme starts but does not automatically load the Focusrite driver but loads the generic driver. If I select the Focusrite driver, I get an error message that includes what looks like Japanese characters and the Focusrite driver does not load.
If I unplug the mouse before I plug in the dongle and USB interface and before starting Cubase, the correct driver loads and everything works properly, except the mouse, of course which I had to unplug. I then need to use the touchpad which is not as good as using the mouse.
I always put each peripheral into the same USB port on the Computer. It’s a Samsung RV511 with an Intel i5 processor running Windows 7.
I wondered if anyone had a similar experience.
Thanks in advance.

Interesting. Is your audio interface powered over USB or do you have a power plug? Try the latter, maybe your mouse and audio interface combined draw more power than USB can provide?