Audio interface conflicting with touch screen?

I’m currently using Cubase 5.1 on a Qosmio laptop (Windows 7) with an ESI U46XL audio interface.
I will be upgrading to Cubase 8 and a decent PC soon, in readiness for that I’ve bought a touch screen monitor (HANNSpree HT 273 HPB 27").
I’ve come across an usual problem after getting the touch screen working as a second monitor (extended desktop) - as soon as I plug in the USB for the touch control the audio stops working, I have tried all permutations, ways of outputting the monitor etc, but am getting no audio from Cubase, Windows media player, Youtube videos etc.
The audio and touch control do work together when using the laptop’s onboard soundcard and internal speakers (which of course is no good for Cubase).
Hopefully my new computer will solve the issue, it’s reasonably powerful, but in the meantime is there anything I should know? Is my audio interface conflicting with the USB touch input or something?

Does your audio interface still show up as a device in Cubase?
Maybe the touchscreen draws power from USB and there’s not enough left for the audio interface? (that’s a stretch, I’ve never seen a screen without its own power supply.)

Thanks very much for your reply. Yes the audio device still shows up, and there are no driver errors or anything, the sound simply cuts out. Cubase appears to be playing but no meters moving. With Windows media player the song progress bar doesn’t even move.
I’d be surprised if it was a power issue, I can run all 4 USB ports at the same time, but can’t run 2 with just the screen input and audio interface connected. The touch input USB from the screen is really just like a mouse input. In fact coincidentally, the closest similar problem I can find on internet forums is someone with the same U46XL as me finding a conflict with their mouse; same issue - sound cuts out when they plug in the mouse USB. Sadly no solution found…
Oh the laptop is Windows 7 by the way.
Thanks again, all suggestions welcome.

If WMP has the same problems then there’s got to be something going on with the driver.
Are you using the latest drivers for both devices?

The monitor has built in speakers, so my guess is that the USB connection isn’t just for touch input, but also for an inbuilt usb soundcard. Whenever you plug in your monitor, the computer will change to that soundcard. Make sure your ESI is set as default audio interface, and see if you can disable the monitor’s audio interface alltogether.

(that monitor looks very sexy btw :slight_smile:)

Hey thanks, oh sorry you said the monitor not me…
Yes I am using the latest drivers.
Never thought about the possibility of the monitor having a USB connected soundcard, nothing in the blurb about that, I will check again; that could remain a problem when I get my new computer, which is my biggest concern.
I haven’t tried the monitor’s speakers yet as I never planned to use them, but no sound comes out of them when the ESI stops working, so… I dunno. Will check the volume is up on the monitor.
It is nice to use, the touch facility is so much less fiddly than mouse or laptop pad, and it wasn’t too expensive.
Thanks again for you input.

I’ve just tried a laptop running Windows 10 and all USB devices are happily working together, so I wonder if this is an issue specific to Windows 7.
Other good news - I get my new computer on Monday, 2 weeks ahead of schedule! Am also upgrading to Cubase 8.5, I expect these will bring their own headaches, but hopefully this won’t be one of them.
I was well overdue for a major upgrade…

Very nice, I hope it’s smooth sailing from here on!
(like you said, with so many new variables it probably isn’t, but let’s stay positive for now :wink:)
If not, you know where to find us!