Audio Interface is not listed in ASIO Driver Settings

Hey guys, after hours of trying around i finally give up to solve this problem alone… Heres the story:

I bought the audio interface “DUO-CAPTURE EX” to record songs with my Eguitar using Cubase Elements 8.
I installed the audio interface, connected it to the PC with USB and started Cubase. So far so good… I got it working one time that my guitar had distortion and i could hear it fine with my USB headset. But after i closed Cubase, the audio interface isnt listed in ASIO Drive Settings anymore and i didnt change anything!
My list looks like this atm:

The audio interface Duo Capture Ex is active too, what am i doing wrong?! Why is my audio interface not in the Driver Settings list anymore?

I start Cubase, choose Recording --> Distortion Guitar + Vocal and click on Create. Do i have to add a BUS manually or something? (Though it worked once without manually doing it)

Please someone help me :frowning: