Audio Interface issue -Focusrite- Cubase Artist 9

2 days ago I got Cubase Artist 9 (educational version). I’m preparing for colleges and I wanted to get something that might help me. This is a great software, but I don’t know A LOT of things about it. (I write film scores, classical music and small tv, game soundtracks)

I have a Focusrite 2i2. I’m working on a project where I want for the flutist to play into a microphone (live), and for the flute sound to change (by adding effects in cubase, reverb, delay or adding another instrument which will mimic what the flute is laying (idk if that even is possible)). But for some reason, when I connect my interface into cubase, I just see the default Generic low latency Asio Driver.
I wanted to deal with the latency, because it’s gonna be live, but I can’t because I don’t see my interface, and for some reason I can’t turn on direct monitoring.



I still hear everything and I can record things from my focusrite, but with latency, and through the Generic low latency asio driver, which, I don’t think is the best way to do it.

Any suggestions to what I’m doing wrong? Why don’t I see my interface? How can I fix the delay issue? Thank You very much!!!

Did you click on the drop down box where it shows where it shows the ASIO driver? You should be able to select the Focusrite. If not make sure you have the latest Focusrite driver by going to their website and downloading. Hopefully this helps you out.